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Full Service Expert Repairs

Woodwinds   Brass   Orchestral   Guitar   Percussion Instruments

Quality Staff      Economical Rates      Warrantied Workmanship

Be it rentals, customer owned, student or professional level instruments, We offer the best value workmanship and warranty in the business.

Quality service is our customers’ first priority, and we provide this quality repair in a timely and economical fashion by building better qualified technical teams and improved, more efficient, facilities. Mills Music Repair Department is among the best in the nation with each of our technicians adding a different dimension of strength to the repair department.

Our Repair Dept. team ensures that your valuable instrument is directed to the most appropriate technician for your needs. Please feel free to Email Repair by using our Mills Music Repair Contact Form, or call 425-885-3076, to discuss your instrument repair needs and have your instrument directed to the appropriate shop and technician. You may take your instrument into any of our Mills Music Locations and we will transport it to the appropriate shop. A technician will call you directly with an evaluation of needed repairs and cost options.

Our Quality Assurance Program

Pride in workmanship and customer care pervades our repair department. Here at Mills Music we maintain a professional staff of 14 service technicians. We go to great lengths to hire, advance, and retain the best technicians. We maintain a stringent Quality Assurance process within our repair dept. ensuring that all technicians deliver a high quality finished product on all repairs. We spend the extra time and attention to detail when we play condition or restore an instrument. We do the job right the first time ensuring that your instrument is playing its best and will provide you a long lasting and rewarding musical experience. We have become industry leaders in quality craftsmanship at economical labor rates, offering the best value in the greater Seattle area.

Economy and Value Advantage

We are sensitive to our customers’ needs in today’s economic climate and have not raised our low hourly labor rate to compensate for today’s inflation and our rising costs. Instead we have taken steps to improve our technical staff, processes, and facilities for the benefit of our customers and employees. Our standard quotes on repair labor reflect a 20% discount over Seattle area average hourly rates. Our labor rates are still only $60.00 per hour. We set the standard for cost effective, quality repairs.

Repair Quotes

Repair Quotes are $15.00 and include a thorough evaluation of needed repairs and possible options for our customer. A repair technician will contact you with a detailed explanation of the repairs needed and options or concerns regarding the instrument. Quotes are good for 30 days. The repair quote charge will be credited toward the cost of repair or replacement of that instrument. Minimum repair charge is $15.00.

Our Apprenticeship Program – Modern & Traditional Techniques

We are proud of our in depth apprenticeship program. For the past seven years, this unique program has enabled Mills Music to provide our music community the most reliable repair service available. Senior technicians, with years of valuable experience, teach and advise our younger staff on a one-to-one basis. We invest deeply in our technicians, teaching the art and craft of instrument repair, and setting the standards high. Technicians with specialized skills advise and teach other techs on that skill. All technician workmanship is Quality Assured by the most advanced technicians on that instrument. On a daily basis we are engaged in meeting our goal of providing high quality, fairly priced, reliable service, as the only standard we accept. At Mills Music we continue to refine our repair techniques as the industry grows and changes. Our technicians apply the best of the old techniques combined with the new.

Straubinger Certified

We are fully prepared to meet the needs of professional level and handmade flutes of every make and model. We now have Straubinger Certified Technicians on staff; offering our customers the finest flute workmanship available. Straubinger certification requires specialized training and tooling, which we in turn appropriately apply to all flute repairs be it student or professional.

We’re looking forward to assisting you! Please email or call us with any questions or concerns regarding your instrument. Email Repair by using our Mills Music Repair Contact Form

Mills Music Repair Dept. Quality Assures our New & Rental Instruments

In these days of uncertainty over the manufacturing quality of new instruments, the repair department stands ready to hold our suppliers to a reasonable but firm standard of what we expect when new instruments arrive at our warehouse. As members of the Mills Music Repair we see, assess, repair, and restore thousands of instruments each year. Part of our job is to give our president, Mike Mills Sr., an accurate assessment of all the new instruments his vendors send him. The assessment includes: Out-of-box readiness ~ Durability in the field ~ Quality of manufacturing materials

At Mills Music we can assure our customers of Quality products at Value prices