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Mills Music Rental Reservation Request Form website security

You may request a rental instrument be reserved for you at any of our 7 locations by using the form below. You may also call your local Mills Music Store and make rental arrangements over the phone. Please wait for confirmation of your rental “ready to pick-up” date, by Phone, before coming in to pick it up. Your Phone number is required to process a reservation.

Our instruments are in high demand and during the beginning of the school year we can only hold your instrument for 24 hours after we notify you that it is “ready to pick-up”. Not all instruments will be available immediately upon request. There may be a wait time for some instrument types. We will confirm a “ready to pick-up” date by phone as soon as possible.

We have limited availability of the following instruments and require extra time for distribution from our warehouse to your store: Piccolo – Bass Clarinet – Oboe – Soprano Sax – Bari Sax – French Horn – Baritone – Euphonium – Tuba

Orchestral String Instruments require that you know the size your student needs and may require extra time to meet your size requirements. What size do you need?

You will need to find out from your student’s music instructor, the size instrument your student needs, and tell us the size in the message of your request. All Orchestral String Instruments come in graduated fractional sizes; from 1/16 size up to 4/4 full size. This is designed to ensure proper fit and playability for the student. Without this information we will not know what size instrument to arrange for delivery to your selected store location. If you can’t obtain this information from your student’s instructor, you may bring your student into one of our locations before making a reservation. We can help you determine the proper size first, and afterward arrange for your instrument.

Please request your instrument rental reservation in advance by using the Form below
or by calling your local Mills Music Store.

** Indicates Required Field
Indicating your school helps us know your Music Instructor’s preferences.

Enter the CAPTCHA code – Click Submit and wait a moment while your message sends.
We look forward to assisting you and appreciate your business !

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